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Common Slavic

    Proper noun

    Common Slavic

    1. ( linguistics ) The last phase of Proto-Slavic language, the Late Proto-Slavic .


    • Common Slavonic

    Usage notes

    The term Proto-Slavic is often used synonymously with the term Common Slavic, denoting a proto-language stage after the loss of quantitive oppositions and monophthongisations, but more proper linguistic use prescribes the usage of the term Proto-Slavic as synonymous with Early Proto-Slavic ( c. 600 CE ), and Common Slavic as synonymous with Late Proto-Slavic ( ca. 8th–9th centuries CE ). In its attributive usage, the noun denotes a historical period when Slavic sound changes occurred in all or almost all Slavic dialects ( ca. 7th–10th centuries ) .

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