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Meaning of according by Wiktionary Dictionary



    accord +‎ -ing


    • ( RP ) IPA: /əˈkɔːdɪŋ/
    • ( US ) IPA: /ə.ˈkɔɹd.ɪŋ/
    • Hyphenation: ac‧cord‧ing



    1. Present participle of accord .
      Mind and soul according well. - Alfred Tennyson


    according ( comparative more according, superlative most according )

    1. Agreeing; in agreement or harmony; harmonious .
      This according voice of national wisdom .


    according ( comparative more according, superlative most according )

    1. ( obsolete ) Accordingly; correspondingly. [16th-17th c.]
    2. Consistently as; in a corresponding manner ( now generally expressing accordance with two or more alternatives ). [from 16th c.]
    3. In accordance, in a manner consistent to ( something ). [from 16th c.]

    Derived terms

    • according to
    • according as


Explanation of according by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. as reported or stated by

    2. according to historians
    3. in agreement with or accordant with

    4. according to instructions

    Definition of according by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Accord, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Accorded; p. pr. & vb. n. According.] [OE. acorden, accorden, OF. acorder, F. accorder, fr. LL. accordare; L. ad + cor, cordis, heart. Cf. Concord, Discord, and see Heart.]
      1. To make to agree or correspond; to suit one thing to another; to adjust; -- followed by to. [R.]

      Her hands accorded the lute's music to the voice. Sidney.

      2. To bring to an agreement, as persons; to reconcile; to settle, adjust, harmonize, or compose, as things; as, “to accord suits or controversies”.

      When they were accorded from the fray. Spenser.

      All which particulars, being confessedly knotty and difficult can never be accorded but by a competent stock of critical learning. South.

      3. To grant as suitable or proper; to concede; to award; as, “to accord to one due praise”. “According his desire.” Spenser.

    2. According, p. a. Agreeing; in agreement or harmony; harmonious. “This according voice of national wisdom.” Burke. “Mind and soul according well.” Tennyson.

      According to him, every person was to be bought. Macaulay.

      Our zeal should be according to knowledge. Sprat.

      ☞ According to has been called a prepositional phrase, but strictly speaking, according is a participle in the sense of agreeing, acceding, and to alone is the preposition.

      According as, precisely as; the same as; corresponding to the way in which. According as is an adverbial phrase, of which the propriety has been doubted; but good usage sanctions it. See According, adv.

      Is all things well,

      According as I gave directions? Shak.

      The land which the Lord will give you according as he hath promised. Ex. xii. 25.

    3. According adv. Accordingly; correspondingly. [Obs.] Shak.