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Meaning of amyloid by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From amyl- +‎ -oid .


    amyloid ( plural: amyloids )

    1. A waxy compound of protein and polysaccharides that is found deposited in tissues in amyloidosis .
    2. Any of various starchlike substances .


    amyloid ( comparative more amyloid, superlative most amyloid )

    1. Containing or resembling starch
    2. ( mycology ) Applied to a mushroom that turns blue-black upon application of Melzer's reagent .

Explanation of amyloid by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. resembling starch

    1. a waxy translucent complex protein resembling starch that results from degeneration of tissue

    2. a non-nitrogenous food substance consisting chiefly of starch

    Definition of amyloid by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. amyloid ( ămĭloid ), Amyloidal ( ămĭloidal ), a. [L. amylum starch + -oid.] Resembling or containing starch; starchlike. AS

      Syn. -- starchlike, amylaceous

    2. amyloid ( ămĭloid ), n.
      1. A starchlike substance.

      2. ( Med. ) Any of a group of diverse starchlike glycoproteins deposited in the organs under some pathological conditions, such as amyloidosis; they are composed of linear nonbranching fibrils when viewed under the electron microscope. Stedman 25

      Amyloid degeneration ( Med. ), Same as amyloidosis; -- called also waxy degeneration or lardaceous degeneration.