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Meaning of approval by Wiktionary Dictionary



    approve +‎ -al


    • ( UK ) IPA: /əˈpɹuːvəl/, SAMPA: /@"pr\u:v@l/
    • ( US ) IPA: /əˈpɹuvəl/, SAMPA: /@"pr\uv@l/


    approval ( plural: approvals )

    1. An expression granting permission; an indication of agreement with a proposal; an acknowledgement that a person, thing, or event meets requirements .
      I need to get an approval on this purchase order .
    2. An expression of favorable acceptance and encouragement; a compliment that also condones .
      Words of approval never seem to come from him .

    Related terms

    • approve

Explanation of approval by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the formal act of approving

    2. his decision merited the approval of any sensible person
    3. a message expressing a favorable opinion

    4. words of approval seldom passed his lips
    5. a feeling of liking something or someone good

    6. although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval
    7. acceptance as satisfactory

    8. he bought it on approval

    Definition of approval by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Approval n. Approbation; sanction.

      A censor . . . without whose approval n capital sentences are to be executed. Temple.

      Syn. -- See Approbation.