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    From archaism ( “ancient or obsolete phrase or expression” ) or from French archaïque, ultimately from Ancient Greek ἀρχαικός ( arkhaikos, “old-fashioned” ), from ἀρχαῖος ( arkhaios, “from the beginning, antiquated, ancient, old” ), from ἀρχή ( arkhē, “beginning, origin” ), from ἄρχω ( arkhō, “I am first” ) .


    • ( US ) IPA: /ɑɹˈkejɪk/


    archaic ( plural: archaics )

    1. ( archaeology, US, usually capitalized ) A general term for the prehistoric period intermediate between the earliest period ( ‘Paleo-Indian’, ‘Paleo-American’, ‘American‐paleolithic’, &c. ) of human presence in the Western Hemisphere, and the most recent prehistoric period ( ‘Woodland’, etc. ).
    2. ( paleoanthropology ) ( A member of ) an archaic variety of Homo sapiens.


    archaic ( comparative more archaic, superlative most archaic )

    1. Of or characterized by antiquity; old-fashioned, quaint, antiquated.
    2. ( of words ) No longer in ordinary use, though still used occasionally to give a sense of antiquity.

    Derived terms

    • archaically, archaism

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Explanation of archaic by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. little evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type

    2. archaic forms of life
    3. so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period

    4. archaic laws

    Definition of archaic by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Archaic a. [Gr. ἀρχαϊκός old-fashioned, fr. ἀρχαῖος ancient.] Of or characterized by antiquity or archaism; antiquated; obsolescent.