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Meaning of aroused by Wiktionary Dictionary




    1. Simple past tense and past participle of arouse .

Explanation of aroused by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. ( of persons ) excessively affected by emotion

    2. emotionally aroused

    3. keenly excited ( especially sexually ) or indicating excitement

    4. aroused to action

    5. the aroused opposition
    6. feeling great sexual desire

    7. brought to a state of great tension

    Definition of aroused by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Arouse v. t. [imp. & p. p. Aroused ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Arousing.] [Pref. a- + rouse.] To excite to action from a state of rest; to stir, or put in motion or exertion; to rouse; to excite; as, “to arouse one from sleep; to arouse the dormant faculties.”

      Grasping his spear, forth issued to arouse

      His brother, mighty sovereign on the host. Cowper.

      No suspicion was aroused. Merivale.

    2. aroused adj.
      1. emotionally stimulated.

      Syn. -- stimulated, stirred, stirred up.

      2. 1 brought to a state of great psychological tension.

      Syn. -- wound up.

      3. 1 stimulated to a state of awareness and interest. the aroused opposition

      Syn. -- awakened.

      4. sexually aroused; feeling a strong urge for sexual activity.

      Syn. -- aflame, hot, turned on( predicate ), horny.

      5. excessively affected by emotion; -- of persons.

      Syn. -- emotional, excited.