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    From Latin audacia ( “boldness” ), from audax ( “bold” ), from audeō ( “I am bold, I dare” )


    • ( RP ) IPA: /ɔːˈdeɪʃəs/
    • Rhymes: -eɪʃəs


    audacious ( comparative more audacious, superlative most audacious )

    1. Showing willingness to take bold risks; recklessly daring.
    2. Impudent .



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Definition of audacious by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Audacious a. [F. audacieux, as if fr. LL. audaciosus ( not found ), fr. L. audacia audacity, fr. audax, -acis, bold, fr. audere to dare.]
    1. Daring; spirited; adventurous.

    As in a cloudy chair, ascending rides

    Audacious. Milton.

    2. Contemning the restraints of law, religion, or decorum; bold in wickedness; presumptuous; impudent; insolent. “ Audacious traitor.” Shak. “ Such audacious neighborhood.” Milton.

    3. Committed with, or proceedings from, daring effrontery or contempt of law, morality, or decorum. “Audacious cruelty.” “Audacious prate.” Shak.