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    From Middle English babe, perhaps a variant of earlier baban or representing Old English *baba ( “boy, child” ), from Proto-Germanic *babô, reduplicated variant of *ba-, *bō- ( “father, brother, close male relation” ), related to Old Frisian bobba ( “child” ), Swedish dialectal babbe ( “little boy” ), Old High German Babo ( a male forename ), see boy. Otherwise, origin obscure. Compare mama, dada, papa. Welsh baban ( “baby” ), believed by Skeat to be a mutated from maban diminutive of mab ( "son" ), is probably rather a borrowing from the English. [1]


    • IPA: /beɪb/, enPR: bāb, X-SAMPA: [beIb]
    • Rhymes: -eɪb


    babe ( plural: babes )

    1. ( literary or poetic ) A baby or infant; a very young human or animal .
      These events came to pass when he was but a babe .
    2. ( slang ) An attractive person, especially a young woman .
      She's a real babe!
    3. ( also babes sg. ) Darling ( term of endearment ) .
      Hey, babe, how's about you and me getting together?



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    1. ^ Whitney, The Century dictionary and cylcopedia, babe .

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    • abbe, abbé

Explanation of babe by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. sometimes used as a term of address for attractive young women

    2. a very young child ( birth to 1 year ) who has not yet begun to walk or talk

    Definition of babe by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Babe n. [Cf. Ir. bab, baban, W. baban, maban.]

      1. An infant; a young child of either sex; a baby.

      2. A doll for children. Spenser.