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Meaning of berry by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Etymology 1

    Variant of Bury and Barry. The given name is also a pet form of names beginning with Ber- .

    Proper noun


    1. A surname .
    2. A male given name.
      • 1930 P. G. Wodehouse, Big Money, Colliers' Weekly, Vol.86, page 110:
        "Beresford Conway. All my pals call me Berry."
      • 1979 Berry Gordy, Movin' Up. Pop Gordy Tells His Story, Harper & Row, ISBN 0060220546, page 9:
        Since my father's name was Berry Gordy, he named me Berry Gordy. There's no middle name .

    Etymology 2

    From berry, also a pet form of Beryl and Berenice .

    Proper noun


    1. ( rare ) A female given name.

Explanation of berry by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. pick or gather berries

    2. We went berrying in the summer
    1. any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits

    2. United States rock singer ( born in 1931 )

    3. a small fruit having any of various structures, e.g., simple ( grape or blueberry ) or aggregate ( blackberry or raspberry )

    Definition of berry by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Berry n.; pl. Berries. [OE. berie, AS. berie, berige; akin to D. bes, G. beere, OS. and OHG. beri, Icel. ber, Sw. bär, Goth. basi, and perh. Skr. bhas to eat.]
      1. Any small fleshy fruit, as the strawberry, mulberry, huckleberry, etc.

      2. ( Bot. ) A small fruit that is pulpy or succulent throughout, having seeds loosely imbedded in the pulp, as the currant, grape, blueberry.

      3. The coffee bean.

      4. One of the ova or eggs of a fish. Travis.

      In berry, containing ova or spawn.

    2. Berry, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Berried ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Berrying.] To bear or produce berries.

    3. Berry, n. [AS. beorh. See Barrow a hill.] A mound; a hillock. W. Browne.