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    1. deprived of sight

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    1. Blind v. t. [imp. & p. p. Blinded; p. pr. & vb. n. Blinding.]
      1. To make blind; to deprive of sight or discernment. “To blind the truth and me.” Tennyson.

      A blind guide is certainly a great mischief; but a guide that blinds those whom he should lead is . . . a much greater. South.

      2. To deprive partially of vision; to make vision difficult for and painful to; to dazzle.

      Her beauty all the rest did blind. P. Fletcher.

      3. To darken; to obscure to the eye or understanding; to conceal; to deceive.

      Such darkness blinds the sky. Dryden.

      The state of the controversy between us he endeavored, with all his art, to blind and confound. Stillingfleet.

      4. To cover with a thin coating of sand and fine gravel; as a road newly paved, in order that the joints between the stones may be filled.

    2. blinded adj. deprived of one's sight; rendered blind.