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Meaning of boxing by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( UK ): IPA: /ˈbɒksɪŋ/, SAMPA: /"bQksIN/
    • ( UK ): enPR: bäksʹĭng, IPA: /ˈbɑːksɪŋ/, SAMPA: /"bA:ksIN/
      Rhymes: -ɒksɪŋ

    Etymology 1

    From box ( “punch” )



    1. Present participle of box .


    A boxing match.

    boxing ( uncountable )

    1. ( sports ) A sport where two opponents punch each other with gloved fists, the object being to score more points by the end of the match or by knockout, or technical knockout .
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    Etymology 2

    From box ( “container” )



    1. Present participle of box .


    boxing ( plural: boxings )

    1. ( construction ) Casing .
    2. Material used for making boxes or casing .

Explanation of boxing by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the enclosure of something in a package or box

    2. fighting with the fists

    Definition of boxing by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Box, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Boxed ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Boxing.]

      1. To inclose in a box.

      2. To furnish with boxes, as a wheel.

      3. ( Arch. ) To inclose with boarding, lathing, etc., so as to bring to a required form.

      To box a tree, to make an incision or hole in a tree for the purpose of procuring the sap. -- To box off, to divide into tight compartments. -- To box up. To put into a box in order to save; as, he had boxed up twelve score pounds. To confine; as, to be boxed up in narrow quarters.

    2. Boxing, n.
      1. The act of inclosing ( anything ) in a box, as for storage or transportation.

      2. Material used in making boxes or casings.

      3. Any boxlike inclosure or recess; a casing.

      4. ( Arch. ) The external case of thin material used to bring any member to a required form.

    3. Boxing, n. The act of fighting with the fist; a combat with the fist; sparring; pugilism. Blackstone.

      Boxing glove, a large padded mitten or glove used in sparring for exercise or amusement.