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    From Middle English brood, brode, from Old English brād ( “broad, flat, open, extended, spacious, wide, ample, copious” ), from Proto-Germanic *braidaz ( “broad” ), of uncertain origin. Possibly from Proto-Indo-European *( s )prei- ( “to strew, spread, sprinkle” ). Cognate with Scots braid ( “broad” ), West Frisian breed ( “broad” ), Eastern Frisian bred ( “broad” ), Dutch breed ( “broad” ), German breit ( “broad, wide” ), Swedish bred ( “broad” ), Icelandic breiður ( “broad, wide” ) .


    • Rhymes: -ɔːd


    broad ( comparative broader, superlative broadest )

    1. ( of a person or object ) Wide in extent or scope.
    2. Having a specified width ( e.g. 3 ft broad ) .
    3. ( of an accent ) Strongly regional .
    4. ( Irish language ) Velarized, i.e. not palatalized .


    ( Regarding occupied space,width of an object )

    ( Regarding body width )

    • skinny


    broad ( plural: broads )

    1. ( dated ) A prostitute, a woman of loose morals .
    2. ( US ) A woman or girl .
      Who was that broad I saw you with?
    3. ( UK ) A shallow lake, one of a number of bodies of water in eastern Norfolk and Suffolk .
    4. A lathe tool for turning down the insides and bottoms of cylinders .
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    B road

    By Wiktionary ( 2010/05/29 06:28 UTC Version )


    B road ( plural: B roads )

    1. ( UK ) Any of many minor roads in Britain, typically branching off of A roads and travelling to smaller towns and villages


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Explanation of broad by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. showing or characterized by broad-mindedness

    2. a broad political stance
      generous and broad sympathies
    3. lacking subtlety

    4. gave us a broad hint that it was time to leave
    5. broad in scope or content

    6. an invention with broad applications
    7. not detailed or specific

    8. a broad rule
      the broad outlines of the plan
    9. being at a peak or culminating point

    10. broad daylight
    11. ( of speech ) heavily and noticeably regional

    12. a broad southern accent
    13. very large in expanse or scope

    14. a broad lawn
    15. having great ( or a certain ) extent from one side to the other

    16. a river two miles broad
      broad shoulders
      a broad river
    1. slang term for a woman

    2. a broad is a woman who can throw a mean punch

    Definition of broad by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Broad ( brad ), a. [Compar. Broader ( bradẽr ); superl. Broadest.] [OE. brod, brad, AS. brād; akin to OS. brēd, D. breed, G. breit, Icel. breiðr, Sw. & Dan. bred, Goth. braids. Cf. Breadth.]
      1. Wide; extend in breadth, or from side to side; -- opposed to narrow; as, “a broad street, a broad table; an inch broad”.

      2. Extending far and wide; extensive; vast; as, “the broad expanse of ocean”.

      3. Extended, in the sense of diffused; open; clear; full. “Broad and open day.” Bp. Porteus.

      4. Fig.: Having a large measure of any thing or quality; not limited; not restrained; -- applied to any subject, and retaining the literal idea more or less clearly, the precise meaning depending largely on the substantive.

      A broad mixture of falsehood. Locke.

      Hence: -

      5. Comprehensive; liberal; enlarged.

      The words in the Constitution are broad enough to include the case. D. Daggett.

      In a broad, statesmanlike, and masterly way. E. Everett.

      6. Plain; evident; as, “a broad hint”.

      7. Free; unrestrained; unconfined.

      As broad and general as the casing air. Shak.

      8. ( Fine Arts ) Characterized by breadth. See Breadth.

      9. Cross; coarse; indelicate; as, “a broad compliment; a broad joke; broad humor”.

      10. Strongly marked; as, “a broad Scotch accent”.

      ☞ Broad is often used in compounds to signify wide, large, etc.; as, “broad-chested, broad-shouldered, broad-spreading, broad-winged”.

      Broad acres. See under Acre. -- Broad arrow, originally a pheon. See Pheon, and Broad arrow under Arrow. -- As broad as long, having the length equal to the breadth; hence, the same one way as another; coming to the same result by different ways or processes.

      It is as broad as long, whether they rise to others, or bring others down to them. L'Estrange.

      Broad pennant. See under Pennant.

      Syn. -- Wide; large; ample; expanded; spacious; roomy; extensive; vast; comprehensive; liberal.

    2. Broad, n.
      1. The broad part of anything; as, “the broad of an oar”.

      2. The spread of a river into a sheet of water; a flooded fen. [Local, Eng.] Southey.

      3. A lathe tool for turning down the insides and bottoms of cylinders. Knight.

      4. A woman, especially one who is sexually promiscuous; -- usually considered offensive. [slang]