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Meaning of broadcast by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • UK: IPA: /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst/, IPA: /ˈbrɔːdkæst/
    • US: IPA: /ˈbɹɔdkæst/, X-SAMPA: /"brOdk{st/


    broad + cast


    broadcast ( comparative more broadcast, superlative most broadcast )

    1. cast or scattered widely, in all directions




    broadcast ( plural: broadcasts )

    1. A transmission of a radio or television programme aired to be received by anyone with a receiver .
    2. A programme ( show, bulletin, documentary ... ) so transmitted .
    3. ( dated ) The act of scattering seed .



    • air


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Explanation of broadcast by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. cause to become widely known

    2. broadcast the news
    3. broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

    4. sow over a wide area, especially by hand

    5. broadcast seeds
    1. message that is transmitted by radio or television

    2. a radio or television show

    Definition of broadcast by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Broadcast n.
      1. ( Agric. ) A casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing.

      2. an act of broadcasting; specifically, a program in which sounds or images are transmitted in all directions from a radio or television station; -- usually referring to a scheduled program on a commercial or public service radio or television station, using the normal radio frequencies for those media, in contrast to a radiotelephone conversation, which may also be transmitted in all directions, but is intended for receipt by a base station in the telephone network.

    2. Broadcast, a.
      1. Cast or dispersed in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; widely diffused.

      2. Scattering in all directions ( as a method of sowing ); -- opposed to planting in hills, or rows.

    3. Broadcast, adv. So as to scatter or be scattered in all directions; so as to spread widely, as seed from the hand in sowing, or news from the press.

    4. Broadcast, v.
      1. to cast or disperse in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; to diffuse widely.

      2. to transmit ( sounds, images, or other signals ) in all directions from a radio or television station.

      3. to disseminate ( information, a speech, an advertisement, etc. ) from a radio or television station.

      4. to spread ( information, news, gossip ) widely by any means.