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Meaning of bullet by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Three bullets in the sense of unfired ammunition.


    From Middle French boulette .


    • ( UK ) IPA: /bʊl.ɪt/, X-SAMPA: /bUl.It/
    • Rhymes: -ʊlɪt


    bullet ( plural: bullets )

    1. A projectile, usually of metal, shot from a gun at high speed .
    2. Ammunition for a sling or slingshot which has been manufactured for such use .
    3. ( typography ) A printed symbol in the form of a solid circle, ( • ), often used for marking items in a list. ( see also bulleted )
    4. ( informal ) An entire round of unfired ammunition for a firearm, including the projectile, the cartridge casing, the propellant charge, etc .
    5. ( banking, finance ) A large scheduled repayment of the principal of a loan; a balloon payment .
    6. A rejection letter, as for employment, admission to a school or a competition .
      John's not going to any of his top schools; he got a bullet from the last of them yesterday .
    7. ( slang ) One year of prison time
    8. ( slang ) An ace ( the playing card ) .
    9. ( figuratively ) Anything that is projected extremely fast.
    10. ( in attributive use ) Very fast ( speedy ) .
      bullet train
      bullet chess


    bullet ( third-person singular simple present bullets present participle bulleting, simple past and past participle bulleted )

    1. ( transitive, informal ) To draw attention to ( text ) by, or as if by, placing a graphic bullet in front of it.
    2. ( intransitive, informal ) To speed, like a bullet .
      Their debut started slow, but bulleted to number six in its fourth week .
    3. ( transitive, informal ) To make a shot, especially with great speed .
      He bulleted a header for his first score of the season .

    See also

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Explanation of bullet by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

    2. a projectile that is fired from a gun

    3. a high-speed passenger train

    Definition of bullet by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Bullet n. [F. boulet, dim. of boule ball. See Bull an edict, and cf. Boulet.]
      1. A small ball.

      2. A missile, usually of lead, and round or elongated in form, to be discharged from a rifle, musket, pistol, or other small firearm.

      3. A cannon ball. [Obs.]

      A ship before Greenwich . . . shot off her ordnance, one piece being charged with a bullet of stone. Stow.

      4. The fetlock of a horse. [See Illust. under Horse.]

      Bullet tree. See Bully tree. -- Bullet wood, the wood of the bullet tree.