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Meaning of citraconic by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From citric + aconitic


    citraconic ( not comparable )

    1. Of or pertaining to citraconic acid or its derivatives

Definition of citraconic by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Citraconic a. [Citric + aconitic.] Pertaining to, derived from, or having certain characteristics of, citric and aconitic acids.

    Citraconic acid ( Chem. ), a white, crystalline, deliquescent substance, C3H4( CO2H )2, obtained by distillation of citric acid. It is a compound of the ethylene series.

  2. Pyrocitric a. [Pyro- + citric: cf. F. pyrocitrique.] ( Chem. ) Pertaining to, or designating, any one of three acids obtained by the distillation of citric acid, and called respectively citraconic, itaconic, and mesaconic acid.