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    Italian corridore ( = corridoio ) long passage, from correre, to run .


    • ( UK ) IPA: /ˈkɒɹɪˌdɔː( ɹ )/, /ˈkɒrɪˌdə( ɹ )/, SAMPA: /"kQr\I%dO:( r\ )/, /"kQr\I%d@( r\ )/
    • ( GenAM ) enPR: kôrʹədôr', IPA: /ˈkɔɹəˌdɔɹ/, SAMPA: /"kOr\@%dOr\/


    corridor ( plural: corridors )

    1. A narrow hall or passage with rooms leading off it .
    2. A restricted tract of land that allows passage between two places .
    3. Airspace restricted for the passage of aircraft .

    Derived terms

Explanation of corridor by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. an enclosed passageway

    Definition of corridor by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Corridor ( k?rr?-d?r or -d?r ), n. [F., fr. Itt. corridpore, or Sp. corredor; prop., a runner, hence, a running or long line, a gallery, fr. L. currere to run. See Course.]

      1. ( Arch. ) A gallery or passageway leading to several apartments of a house.

      2. ( Fort. ) The covered way lying round the whole compass of the fortifications of a place. [R.]

      3. any relatively narrow passageway or route, such as a strip of land through a foreign territory.

      4. a densely populated stretch of land; as, “the Northeast corridor, extending from Richmond, Virginia into Maine”.