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Meaning of decimal by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Medieval Latin decimalis, from Latin decimus, from decem, ten + adjective suffix -alis


    • ( UK ) IPA: [ˈdɛsɪməɫ]
    • ( US ) IPA: /ˈdɛsɪməl/, X-SAMPA: /"dEsIml/


    decimal ( countable and uncountable; plural: decimals )

    1. ( arithmetic, computing, uncountable ) The number system that uses the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 .
    2. ( countable ) A number expressed in this system .
    3. ( informal ) A decimal place .
    4. ( informal ) A numeral written as a concatenation of successive negative powers of the base .
    5. ( informal ) A decimal point .



    decimal ( not comparable )

    1. ( arithmetic, computing ) Concerning numbers expressed in decimal or mathematical calculations performed using decimal .


    • base-10, denary ( rare )

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Explanation of decimal by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. numbered or proceeding by tens

    2. the decimal system
    1. a number in the decimal system

    2. a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

    Definition of decimal by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Decimal a. [F. décimal ( cf. LL. decimalis ), fr. L. decimus tenth, fr. decem ten. See Ten, and cf. Dime.] Of or pertaining to decimals; numbered or proceeding by tens; having a tenfold increase or decrease, each unit being ten times the unit next smaller; as, “decimal notation; a decimal coinage.”

      Decimal arithmetic, the common arithmetic, in which numeration proceeds by tens. -- Decimal fraction, a fraction in which the denominator is some power of 10, as , , and is usually not expressed, but is signified by a point placed at the left hand of the numerator, as .2, .25. -- Decimal point, a dot or full stop at the left of a decimal fraction. The figures at the left of the point represent units or whole numbers, as 1.05.

    2. Decimal, n. A number expressed in the scale of tens; specifically, and almost exclusively, used as synonymous with a decimal fraction.

      Circulating decimal, or Circulatory decimal, a decimal fraction in which the same figure, or set of figures, is constantly repeated; as, 0.354354354; -- called also recurring decimal, repeating decimal, and repetend.