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Meaning of descriptive by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Latin dēscriptīvus ( “containing a full description” )


    • ( UK ) IPA: /dɪˈskɹɪptɪv/


    descriptive ( comparative more descriptive, superlative most descriptive )

    1. Of, or relating to description .
    2. ( grammar ) Of an adjective, stating an attribute of the associated noun ( as heavy in the heavy dictionary ) .
    3. ( linguistics ) Describing the structure, grammar, vocabulary and actual use of a language .
    4. ( sciences, philosophy ) Describing and seeking to classify, as opposed to normative or prescriptive .


    Related terms


    descriptive ( plural: descriptives )

    1. ( grammar ) An adjective ( or other descriptive word )

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Explanation of descriptive by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. describing the structure of a language

    2. descriptive grammar
    3. serving to describe or inform or characterized by description

    4. the descriptive variable
      a descriptive passage

    Definition of descriptive by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Descriptive a. [L. descriptivus: cf. F. descriptif.] Tending to describe; having the quality of representing; containing description; as, “a descriptive figure; a descriptive phrase; a descriptive narration; a story descriptive of the age.”

      Descriptive anatomy, that part of anatomy which treats of the forms and relations of parts, but not of their textures. -- Descriptive geometry, that branch of geometry. which treats of the graphic solution of problems involving three dimensions, by means of projections upon auxiliary planes. Davies & Peck ( Math. Dict. )

      -- Descriptively, adv. -- Descriptiveness, n.