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Meaning of detailed by Wiktionary Dictionary



    detailed ( comparative more detailed, superlative most detailed )

    1. Characterized by attention to detail and thoroughness of treatment .

Explanation of detailed by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. developed or executed with care and in minute detail

    2. a detailed plan

    Definition of detailed by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Detail ( detāl ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Detailed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Detailing.] [Cf. F. détailler to cut up in pieces, tell in detail. See Detail, n.]
      1. To relate in particulars; to particularize; to report minutely and distinctly; to enumerate; to specify; as, “he detailed all the facts in due order”.

      2. ( Mil. ) To tell off or appoint for a particular service, as an officer, a troop, or a squadron.

      3. To provide with fine or intricate added decoration.

      Syn. -- Detail, Detach. Detail respects the act of individualizing the person or body that is separated; detach, the removing for the given end or object.

    2. detailed ( detāld ), adj.
      1. Developed or executed with care and in minute detail; as, “a detailed plan”.

      Syn. -- elaborate, elaborated.

      2. Containing details; containing subordinate parts as well as more general discussion; -- of a discourse; as, “a specific and detailed account of the accident”. Opposite of sketchy, general, vague.

      Syn. -- circumstantial, particularized, particularised.

      3. having fine or intricate added decoration.