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Meaning of directional by Wiktionary Dictionary



    direction +‎ -al


    directional ( comparative more directional, superlative most directional )

    1. Indicating direction .
    2. Of or relating to guidance or help .


    directional ( plural: directionals )

    1. Something that indicates direction, such as a turn signal .

Explanation of directional by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. showing the way by conducting or leading

    2. the directional role of science on industrial progress
    3. relating to or indicating directions in space

    4. a directional microphone
    5. relating to direction toward a ( nonspatial ) goal

    6. he tried to explain the directional trends of modern science

    Definition of directional by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. directional adj.
      1. of or pertaining to direction ( definition 2 ).

      2. serving to indicate direction.

      3. ( Radio ) transmitting radio signals in a specific direction, or receiving signals only from a narrow angle of directions, thus serving to indicate the direction from which radio signals are coming. Used of antennas; as, “a directional antenna”.