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Meaning of directory by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Middle English directorie, from Medieval Latin directorium .


    • ( UK ) IPA: /dɪˈɹɛktəɹi/, IPA: /daɪˈɹɛktəɹi/


    directory ( plural: directories )

    1. A list of names, addresses etc., of specific classes of people or organizations, often in alphabetical order or in some classification .
    2. ( computing ) A structured listing of the names and characteristics of the files on a storage device .
    3. ( computing ) A virtual container in a computer's file system, in which files and other directories may be stored. The files and subdirectories in a directory are usually related .


Explanation of directory by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. an alphabetical list of names and addresses

    2. a listing of the files stored in memory ( usually on a hard disk )

    Definition of directory by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Directory a. [L. directorius.] Containing directions; enjoining; instructing; directorial.

    2. Directory, n.; pl. Directories
      1. A collection or body of directions, rules, or ordinances; esp., a book of directions for the conduct of worship; as, “the Directory used by the nonconformists instead of the Prayer Book”.

      2. A book containing the names and residences of the inhabitants of any place, or of classes of them; an address book; as, “a business directory”.

      3. [Cf. F. directoire.] A body of directors; board of management; especially, a committee which held executive power in France under the first republic.

      4. Direction; guide. [R.] Whitlock.