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Meaning of distinctly by Wiktionary Dictionary



    distinct +‎ -ly


    distinctly ( comparative more distinctly, superlative most distinctly )

    1. In a distinct manner.
      • 2007, Stephen R. Donaldson, Fatal Revenant, ISBN 978-0-399-15446-1, p. 192,
        "Aloud," he said distinctly, "the Seven Words are spoken thus. Melenkurion abatha. Duroc minas mill. Harad khabaal."


Explanation of distinctly by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. clear to the mind

    2. it's distinctly possible
    3. to a distinct degree

    4. urbanization in Spain is distinctly correlated with a fall in reproductive rate
    5. in a distinct and distinguishable manner

    6. the subtleties of this distinctly British occasion

    Definition of distinctly by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Distinctly adv.
      1. With distinctness; not confusedly; without the blending of one part or thing another; clearly; plainly; as, “to see distinctly”.

      2. With meaning; significantly. [Obs.]

      Thou dost snore distinctly;

      There's meaning in thy snores. Shak.

      Syn. -- Separately; clearly; plainly; obviously.