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    From Middle English dore, dor, from Old English duru ( “door” ), dor ( “gate” ), from Proto-Germanic *duran, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰwer-, *dʰwor- ( “doorway, door, gate” ). Cognates include Danish dør, Dutch deur, German Tür ( “door” ), Tor ( “gate” ), Icelandic dyr, Latin foris, Modern Greek θύρα ( thýra ), Albanian derë pl. dyer, Kurdish derge ( der ), Persian در ( dar ), Russian дверь ( dver’ ), Hindustani द्वार ( dvār ) / دوار ( dvār ), Armenian դուռ ( duṙ ), Irish doras .

    A door.


    • ( RP ) enPR: dô( r ), IPA: /dɔː( ɹ )/, X-SAMPA: /dO:( r )/
    • ( US ) enPR: dôr, IPA: /dɔːɹ/, /doʊɹ/, X-SAMPA: /dO:r/, /doUr/
    • Rhymes: -ɔː( r )
    • Homophone: daw ( in non-rhotic accents )


    door ( plural: doors )

    1. A portal of entry into a building or room, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a hinge. Doors are frequently made of wood or metal. May have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the door closed, and a lock that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key .
      I knocked on the vice president's door
    2. An non-physical entry into the next world, a particular feeling, a company, etc .
      Keep a door on your anger .
    3. ( computing, dated ) A software mechanism by which a user can interact with a program running remotely on a bulletin board system .


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Explanation of door by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle

    2. he knocked on the door
      he slammed the door as he left
    3. a room that is entered via a door

    4. his office is the third door down the hall on the left
    5. a structure where people live or work ( usually ordered along a street or road )

    6. the office next door
      they live two doors up the street from us
    7. the entrance ( the space in a wall ) through which you enter or leave a room or building

    8. he stuck his head in the doorway
    9. anything providing a means of access ( or escape )

    10. we closed the door to Haitian immigrants
      education is the door to success

    Definition of door by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Door n. [OE. dore, dure, AS. duru; akin to OS. dura, dor, D. deur, OHG. turi, door, tor gate, G. thür, thor, Icel. dyrr, Dan. dör, Sw. dörr, Goth. daur, Lith. durys, Russ. dvere, Olr. dorus, L. fores, Gr. ; cf. Skr. dur, dvāra. √246. Cf. Foreign.]
      1. An opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, by which to go in and out; an entrance way.

      To the same end, men several paths may tread,

      As many doors into one temple lead. Denham.

      2. The frame or barrier of boards, or other material, usually turning on hinges, by which an entrance way into a house or apartment is closed and opened.

      At last he came unto an iron door

      That fast was locked. Spenser.

      3. Passage; means of approach or access.

      I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved. John x. 9.

      4. An entrance way, but taken in the sense of the house or apartment to which it leads.

      Martin's office is now the second door in the street. Arbuthnot.

      Blank door, Blind door, etc. ( Arch. ) See under Blank, Blind, etc. -- In doors, or Within doors, within the house. -- Next door to, near to; bordering on.

      A riot unpunished is but next door to a tumult. L'Estrange.

      -- Out of doors, or Without doors, and, [colloquially], Out doors, out of the house; in open air; abroad; away; lost.

      His imaginary title of fatherhood is out of doors. Locke.

      -- To lay ( a fault, misfortune, etc. ) at one's door, to charge one with a fault; to blame for. -- To lie at one's door, to be imputable or chargeable to.

      If I have failed, the fault lies wholly at my door. Dryden.

      ☞ Door is used in an adjectival construction or as the first part of a compound ( with or without the hyphen ), as, door frame, doorbell or door bell, door knob or doorknob, door latch or doorlatch, door jamb, door handle, door mat, door panel.