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Meaning of drank by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • enPR: drăngk, IPA: /dræŋk/, X-SAMPA: /dr{Nk/


    drank ( uncountable )

    1. ( slang ) dextromethorphan
    2. ( slang ) a drink, usually alcoholic

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    1. Simple past of drink .
      He drank a lot last night .

Definition of drank by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Drake, n. [Cf. F. dravik, W. drewg, darnel, cockle, etc.] Wild oats, brome grass, or darnel grass; -- called also drawk, dravick, and drank. [Prov. Eng.] Dr. Prior.

  2. Drank imp. of Drink.

  3. Drank, n. [Cf. 3d Drake.] Wild oats, or darnel grass. See Drake a plant. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

  4. Drink ( drĭṉk ), v. i. [imp. Drank ( drăṉk ), formerly Drunk ( drŭṉk ); & p. p. Drunk, Drunken ( -'n ); p. pr. & vb. n. Drinking. Drunken is now rarely used, except as a verbal adj. in sense of habitually intoxicated; the form drank, not infrequently used as a p. p., is not so analogical.] [AS. drincan; akin to OS. drinkan, D. drinken, G. trinken, Icel. drekka, Sw. dricka, Dan. drikke, Goth. drigkan. Cf. Drench, Drunken, Drown.]
    1. To swallow anything liquid, for quenching thirst or other purpose; to imbibe; to receive or partake of, as if in satisfaction of thirst; as, “to drink from a spring”.

    Gird thyself, and serve me, till have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink. Luke xvii. 8.

    He shall drink of the wrath the Almighty. Job xxi. 20.

    Drink of the cup that can not cloy. Keble.

    2. To quaff exhilarating or intoxicating liquors, in merriment or feasting; to carouse; to revel; hence, to lake alcoholic liquors to excess; to be intemperate in the se of intoxicating or spirituous liquors; to tipple. Pope.

    And they drank, and were merry with him. Gem. xliii. 34.

    Bolingbroke always spoke freely when he had drunk freely. Thackeray.

    To drink to, to salute in drinking; to wish well to, in the act of taking the cup; to pledge in drinking.

    I drink to the general joy of the whole table,

    And to our dear friend Banquo. Shak.