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    electorate ( plural: electorates )

    1. The collective people of a country, state, or electoral district who are entitled to vote .
      The votes have been counted and the electorate has spoken .
    2. The geographic area encompassing an electoral district .
      The electorate of Finchley borders on the electorate of Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh, splitting the new housing estate of Royal Cupolas .
    3. The dominion of an Elector in the Holy Roman Empire .
      Fredrick the Great, Elector of Brandenburg and King of Prussia, commanded the most powerful electorate in the Empire .


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Explanation of electorate by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the body of enfranchised citizens

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    1. Electorate n. [Cf. F. électorat.]
      1. The territory, jurisdiction, or dignity of an elector, as in the old German empire.

      2. The whole body of persons in a nation or state who are entitled to vote in an election, or any distinct class or division of them.

      The middle-class electorate of Great Britain. M. Arnold.