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    equinoctial ( not comparable )

    1. Of or relating to an equinox .
    2. ( astronomy ) Of or relating to a celestial or terrestrial equator .

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Explanation of equinoctial by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. relating to an equinox ( when the lengths of night and day are equal )

    2. relating to the vicinity of the equator

    1. the great circle on the celestial sphere midway between the celestial poles

    Definition of equinoctial by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Equator n. [L. aequator one who equalizes: cf. F. équateur equator. See Equate.]
      1. ( Geog. ) The imaginary great circle on the earth's surface, everywhere equally distant from the two poles, and dividing the earth's surface into two hemispheres.

      2. ( Astron. ) The great circle of the celestial sphere, coincident with the plane of the earth's equator; -- so called because when the sun is in it, the days and nights are of equal length; hence called also the equinoctial, and on maps, globes, etc., the equinoctial line.

      Equator of the sun or Equator of a planet ( Astron. ), the great circle whose plane passes through through the center of the body, and is perpendicular to its axis of revolution. -- Magnetic equator. See Aclinic.

    2. Equinoctial a. [L. aequinoctials, fr. aequinoctium equinox: cf. F. équinoxial. See Equinox.]
      1. Pertaining to an equinox, or the equinoxes, or to the time of equal day and night; as, “the equinoctial line”.

      2. Pertaining to the regions or climate of the equinoctial line or equator; in or near that line; as, “equinoctial heat; an equinoctial sun.”

      3. Pertaining to the time when the sun enters the equinoctial points; as, “an equinoctial gale or storm, that is, one happening at or near the time of the equinox, in any part of the world”.

      Equinoctial colure ( Astron. ), the meridian passing through the equinoctial points. -- Equinoctial line ( Astron. ), the celestial equator; -- so called because when the sun is on it, the nights and days are of equal length in all parts of the world. See Equator.

      Thrice the equinoctial line

      He circled. Milton.

      -- Equinoctial points ( Astron. ), the two points where the celestial and ecliptic intersect each other; the one being in the first point of Aries, the other in the first point of Libra. -- Equinoctial time ( Astron. ) reckoned in any year from the instant when the mean sun is at the mean vernal equinoctial point.

    3. Equinoctial, n. The equinoctial line.