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Meaning of eutectic by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Ancient Greek εὔτηκτος ( eutēktos, “easily melted” ), from εὖ ( eu, “well” ) + τήκω ( tēkō, “to melt” ) .


    • ( US ) IPA: /juˈtɛk.tɪk/


    eutectic ( not comparable )

    1. ( physics ) Describing the lowest possible temperature at which a mixture of substances solidifies or melts

Explanation of eutectic by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a mixture of substances having a minimum melting point

    Definition of eutectic by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. eutectic ( ūtĕktĭk ), a. [Gr. εὔτηκτος easily melted; εὖ well + τήκειν to melt.] ( Physics ) Of maximum fusibility; -- said of an alloy or mixture which has the lowest melting point which it is possible to obtain by the combination of the given components.

    2. eutectic ( ūtĕktĭk ), n. a mixture of substances having a composition providing the minimum melting point ofr mixtures of those substances. Called also a eutectic mixture.

      Syn. -- eutectic mixture.