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Meaning of extend by Wiktionary Dictionary



    Latin extendō ( “to stretch out” ) .


    • IPA: /ɛkˈstɛnd/
    • Rhymes: -ɛnd

    Derived terms


Explanation of extend by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. extend one's limbs or muscles, or the entire body

    2. Extend your right arm above your head
    3. thrust or extend out

    4. extend a hand
    5. increase in quantity or bulk by adding a cheaper substance

    6. extend the casserole with a little rice
    7. continue or extend

    8. The disease extended into the remote mountain provinces
    9. lengthen in time

    10. She extended her visit by another day
    11. prolong the time allowed for payment of

    12. extend the loan
    13. extend in scope or range or area

    14. The law was extended to all citizens
      Extend your backyard
    15. expand the influence of

    16. The King extended his rule to the Eastern part of the continent
    17. use to the utmost

    18. He really extended himself when he climbed Kilimanjaro
    19. open or straighten out

    20. Can we extend the legs of this dining table?
    21. cause to move at full gallop

    22. extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length

    23. extend the TV antenna
    24. offer verbally

    25. extend my greetings
    26. make available

    27. extend a loan
    28. stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope

    29. My memory extends back to my fourth year of life
      The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets
    30. span an interval of distance, space or time

    31. The war extended over five years
      My land extends over the hills on the horizon
    32. reach outward in space

    33. The awning extends several feet over the sidewalk

    Definition of extend by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Extend ( ĕkstĕnd ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Extended; p. pr. & vb. n. Extending.] [L. extendere, extentum, extensum; ex out + tendere to stretch. See Trend.]
      1. To stretch out; to prolong in space; to carry forward or continue in length; as, “to extend a line in surveying; to extend a cord across the street.”

      Few extend their thoughts toward universal knowledge. Locke.

      2. To enlarge, as a surface or volume; to expand; to spread; to amplify; as, “to extend metal plates by hammering or rolling them”.

      3. To enlarge; to widen; to carry out further; as, “to extend the capacities, the sphere of usefulness, or commerce; to extend power or influence”; to continue, as time; to lengthen; to prolong; as, “to extend the time of payment or a season of trial”.

      4. To hold out or reach forth, as the arm or hand.

      His helpless hand extend. Dryden.

      5. To bestow; to offer; to impart; to apply; as, “to extend sympathy to the suffering”.

      6. To increase in quantity by weakening or adulterating additions; as, “to extend liquors”. G. P. Burnham.

      7. ( Eng. Law ) To value, as lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt; to assign by writ of extent.

      Extended letter ( Typog. ), a letter, or style of type, having a broader face than is usual for a letter or type of the same height.

      ☞ This is extended type.

      Syn. -- To increase; enlarge; expand; widen; diffuse. See Increase.