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Meaning of extended by Wiktionary Dictionary



    extended ( comparative more extended, superlative most extended )

    1. longer in length or extension; elongated
    2. stretched out or pulled out; expanded
    3. lasting longer; protracted
    4. having a large scope or range; extensive
    5. ( of a typeface ) wider than usual

Explanation of extended by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity

    2. extended farm lands
      surgeons with extended experience
    3. beyond the literal or primary sense

    4. `hot off the press' shows an extended sense of `hot'
    5. fully extended or stretched forth

    6. an extended telescope
      his extended legs reached almost across the small room
      refused to accept the extended hand
    7. drawn out or made longer spatially

    8. the extended airport runways can accommodate larger planes
    9. relatively long in duration

    10. an extended discussion