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    From Old French finiss-, stem of some of the conjugated forms of finir, from Latin fīnīre, present active infinitive of fīniō .


    • enPR: fĭn'ĭsh, IPA: /ˈfɪnɪʃ/, X-SAMPA: /"fInIS/
    • Homophone: Finnish
    • Rhymes: -ɪʃ


    finish ( plural: finishes )

    1. An end: the end of anything .
    2. A protective coating given to wood or metal and other surfaces .
      The car's finish was so shiny and new .
    3. The result of any process changing the physical or chemical properties of cloth .
    4. ( sports ) A shot on goal, especially one that ends in a goal.


    finish ( third-person singular simple present finishes present participle finishing, simple past and past participle finished )

    1. ( transitive ) To complete ( something ) .
      Please finish your homework!
    2. ( transitive ) To apply a treatment to ( a surface or similar ) .
      The furniture was finished in teak veneer .
    3. ( transitive ) To change an animal's food supply in the months before it is due for slaughter, with the intention of fattening the animal .
      Due to BSE, cows in the United Kingdom must be finished and slaughtered before 30 months of age .
    4. ( intransitive ) To come to an end .
      The song has finished .

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Explanation of finish by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. cause to finish a relationship with somebody

    2. That finished me with Mary
    3. finally be or do something

    4. come or bring to a finish or an end

    5. He finished the dishes
      The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours; others finished in over 4 hours
    6. finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table

    7. provide with a finish

    8. The carpenter finished the table beautifully
      this shirt is not finished properly
    9. have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense

    1. the act of finishing

    2. his best finish in a major tournament was third
      the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause
    3. a decorative texture or appearance of a surface ( or the substance that gives it that appearance )

    4. the boat had a metallic finish
      he applied a coat of a clear finish
      when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly
    5. the taste of a wine on the back of the tongue ( as it is swallowed )

    6. the wine has a nutty flavor and a pleasant finish
    7. event whose occurrence ends something

    8. when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show
    9. the downfall of someone ( as of persons on one side of a conflict )

    10. booze will be the finish of him
      it was a fight to the finish
    11. designated event that concludes a contest ( especially a race )

    12. excitement grew as the finish neared
      my horse was several lengths behind at the finish
      the winner is the team with the most points at the finish
    13. the place designated as the end ( as of a race or journey )

    14. a crowd assembled at the finish
    15. a highly developed state of perfection

    16. almost an inspiration which gives to all work that finish which is almost art--Joseph Conrad
    17. the temporal end

    18. the market was up at the finish

    Definition of finish by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Finish v. t. [imp. & p. p. Finished ; p. pr. & vb. n. Finishing.] [F. finir ( with a stem finiss- in several forms, whence E. -ish: see -ish. ),fr. L. finire to limit, finish, end, fr. finis boundary, limit, end; perh. for fidnis, and akin findere to cleave, E. fissure.]
      1. To arrive at the end of; to bring to an end; to put an end to; to make an end of; to terminate.

      And heroically hath finished

      A life heroic. Milton.

      2. To bestow the last required labor upon; to complete; to bestow the utmost possible labor upon; to perfect; to accomplish; to polish.

      Syn. -- To end; terminate; close; conclude; complete; accomplish; perfect.

    2. Finish, v. i.
      1. To come to an end; to terminate.

      His days may finish ere that hapless time. Shak.

      2. To end; to die. [R.] Shak.

    3. Finish, n.
      1. That which finishes, puts an end to or perfects.

      2. ( Arch. ) The joiner work and other finer work required for the completion of a building, especially of the interior. See Inside finish, and Outside finish.

      3. ( Fine Arts ) The labor required to give final completion to any work; hence, minute detail, careful elaboration, or the like. See Finishing coat, under Finishing.

      4. The result of completed labor, as on the surface of an object; manner or style of finishing; as, “a rough, dead, or glossy finish given to cloth, stone, metal, etc.”

      5. Completion; -- opposed to start, or beginning.