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Meaning of fishing by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • IPA: /ˈfɪʃɪŋ/, X-SAMPA: /"fISIN/
    • Rhymes: -ɪʃɪŋ
    • Homophone: phishing


    fishing ( not comparable )

    1. Of, or pertaining to fishing .


    fishing ( countable and uncountable; plural: fishings )

    Fishing ( sense 1 )
    1. ( uncountable ) The activity or sport of catching fish from a body of water .
      a good day's fishing
    2. ( uncountable ) The business of catching fish in large quantities for sale .
      the fishing industry
    3. ( countable ) A place for catching fish .




    1. Present participle of fish .

Explanation of fishing by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

    2. the occupation of catching fish for a living

    Definition of fishing by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Fish v. i. [imp. & p. p. Fished ; p. pr. & vb. n. Fishing.]
      1. To attempt to catch fish; to be employed in taking fish, by any means, as by angling or drawing a net.

      2. To seek to obtain by artifice, or indirectly to seek to draw forth; as, “to fish for compliments”.

      Any other fishing question. Sir W. Scott.

    2. Fishing, n.
      1. The act, practice, or art of one who fishes.

      2. A fishery. Spenser.

    3. Fishing, a. [From Fishing, n.] Pertaining to fishing; used in fishery; engaged in fishing; as, “fishing boat; fishing tackle; fishing village.”

      Fishing fly, an artificial fly for fishing. -- Fishing line, a line used in catching fish. -- Fishing net, a net of various kinds for catching fish; including the bag net, casting net, drag net, landing net, seine, shrimping net, trawl, etc. -- Fishing rod, a long slender rod, to which is attached the line for angling. -- Fishing smack, a sloop or other small vessel used in sea fishing. -- Fishing tackle, apparatus used in fishing, as hook, line, rod, etc. -- Fishing tube ( Micros. ), a glass tube for selecting a microscopic object in a fluid.