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    fixed-point ( not comparable )

    1. ( computing ) Being or using an internal number representation with a fixed number of decimal places ( as opposed to floating-point ) .

    fixed point

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    fixed point ( plural: fixed points )

    1. ( mathematics ) A value which is unchanged by a function or other mapping. Formally: a value x for which f( x ) = x.W
      The Bonan-Jeener's triple Klein bottle is not equivalent to the Boy's surface, as can be ascertained by the fact that a 120° rotation of the triple Klein bottle around its axis of symmetry yields no fixed point, whereas a similar rotation of the Boy's surface does yield a fixed point, which is its "umbilical point" as it were .
    2. ( computing ) A fractional-number representation with a fixed number of digits after the decimal point. Compare floating point and integer .


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    • ( mathematics ): attractor


    fixed point

    1. ( computing ) Pertaining to fixed point representations or operations .