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    Alternative forms


    Written form of a reduction of "going to"


    • ( US ) IPA: /ˈɡʌ.nə/
    • ( Australia ) IPA: /ɡə.nə/
    • Homophone: gunner ( non-rhotic accents )



    1. ( with bare infinitive ) Eye dialect spelling of going to: used to express a future action.

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Definition of gonna by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. gonna ( gŭnnŭ ), phr. [phonetic transcription of colloquial speech.] Going to; as, “who's gonna get the milk?”. [colloq., phonetic spelling]

    Phonetic transcriptions of rapid colloquial speech are sometimes used in place of the grammatically proper spelling in order to provide a flavor of the original spirit of a spoken dialogue. See also the related entries for gotta, wanna, and wannabe.