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Meaning of growth by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • Rhymes: -əʊθ


    From grow +‎ -th. Compare North Frisian greyde ( “growth, pasture” ), Danish grøde ( “fruits” ), Swedish gröda ( “crop, harvest” ). More at grow .


    growth ( plural: growths )

    1. an increase in size, number, value, or strength
      Growth was dampened by a softening of the global economy in 2001, but picked up in the subsequent years due to strong growth in China .
    2. ( biology ) the act of growing, getting bigger or higher
    3. ( biology ) something that grows or has grown
    4. ( pathology ) an abnormal mass such as a tumor



    Derived terms


Explanation of growth by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the gradual beginning or coming forth

    2. vegetation that has grown

    3. a growth of trees
      the only growth was some salt grass
    4. something grown or growing

    5. a growth of hair
    6. the process of an individual organism growing organically

    7. a progression from simpler to more complex forms

    8. the growth of culture
    9. a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important

    10. the growth of population
    11. an abnormal proliferation of tissue ( as in a tumor )

    Definition of growth by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Growth ( grōth ), n. [Icel. grōðr, grōði. See Grow.]
      1. The process of growing; the gradual increase of an animal or a vegetable body; the development from a seed, germ, or root, to full size or maturity; increase in size, number, frequency, strength, etc.; augmentation; advancement; production; prevalence or influence; as, “the growth of trade; the growth of power; the growth of intemperance. Idle weeds are fast in growth.” Shak.

      2. That which has grown or is growing; anything produced; product; consequence; effect; result.

      Nature multiplies her fertile growth. Milton.