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Meaning of headquarters by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( RP ) IPA: /ˌhɛdˈkwɔːtəz/
    • ( US ) IPA: /ˈhɛdˌkwɔɹtəz/


    headquarters ( plural: headquarters )

    1. The military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued; the military unit consisting of a commander and his support staff
    2. The center of an organization's operations or administration
    3. A place of concentrated activity or influence


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Explanation of headquarters by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the military installation from which a commander performs the functions of command

    2. the general's headquarters were a couple of large tents
    3. the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

    4. many companies have their headquarters in New York
    5. a military unit consisting of a commander and the headquarters staff