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    From Middle English hevenly, heofonlich, from Old English heofonlīċ ( “heavenly, celestial; chaste” ), equivalent to heaven +‎ -ly .


    • ( UK, US ) IPA: /ˈhɛvənli/


    heavenly ( comparative heavenlier or more heavenly, superlative heavenliest or most heavenly )

    1. Of or pertaining to the heaven believed in by many religions; good, beautiful, glorious, pleasurable .
    2. Of or pertaining to the heavens or sky, regarded as the realm of the sun, moon, planets and stars .
      heavenly body
    3. Of or pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine .
    4. Generally amazing or lovely; sublime .
      Oh, please continue giving me a massage - it's absolutely heavenly .

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    heavenly ( comparative more heavenly, superlative most heavenly )

    1. In a manner like that of heaven; by the influence or agency of heaven; divinely, miraculously.

Explanation of heavenly by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. of or belonging to heaven or god

    2. relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven

    3. heavenly hosts
    4. of or relating to the sky

    5. a heavenly body