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Meaning of historical by Wiktionary Dictionary



    historic +‎ -al


    • ( RP ) IPA: /hɪˈstɒɹɪkəl/, X-SAMPA: /hI"stQrIk@l/
    • ( GenAm ) IPA: /hɪˈstɔːɹɪkəl/, X-SAMPA: /hI"stO:rIk@l/


    historical ( comparative more historical, superlative most historical )

    1. Pertaining to the history, to what happened in the past .

    Usage notes

    See also historic#Usage notes


    Derived terms

    • ahistorical
    • art-historical

Explanation of historical by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. belonging to the past

    2. historical ( or historic ) times
      a historical character
    3. having once lived or existed or taken place in the real world as distinct from being legendary

    4. the historical Jesus
      doubt that a historical Camelot every existed
      actual historical events
    5. used of the study of a phenomenon ( especially language ) as it changes through time

    6. of or relating to the study of history

    7. historical scholars
      a historical perspective

    Definition of historical by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. historic ( hĭstŏrĭk ), historical ( hĭstŏrĭkal ), a. [L. historicus, Gr. ἱστορικός: cf. F. historique. See History.] Of or pertaining to history, or the record of past events; as, “an historical poem; the historic page.” -- Historicalness, n. -- Historicity n.

      There warriors frowning in historic brass. Pope.

      2. having once lived, existed, or taken place in the real world; -- contrasted with legendary; as, “the historical Jesus; doubt that a historical Camelot every existed; actual historical events”.

      3. Belonging to the past; as, “historical ( or historic ) times”; a historical character.

      4. Within the period of time recorded in written documents; as, “within historic times”. Opposite of prehistoric.

      Syn. -- diachronic.

      5. ( Linguistics ) Same as diachronic. synchronic

      Historical painting, that branch of painting which represents the events of history. -- Historical sense, that meaning of a passage which is deduced from the circumstances of time, place, etc., under which it was written. -- The historic sense, the capacity to conceive and represent the unity and significance of a past era or age.