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    Etymology 1

    From Middle English husbonde, from Old English hūsbonda, hūsbunda ( “male head of a household, householder, master of a house” ), probably from Old Norse húsbóndi ( “master of house” ), from hús ( “house” ) + bóndi ( “dweller, householder” ), equivalent to house +‎ bond ( “serf, slave” ). Cognate with Icelandic húsbóndi ( “head of household” ), Faroese húsbóndi ( “husband” ), Norwegian husbond ( “head of household, husband” ), Swedish husbonde ( “master” ), Danish husbonde ( “husband” ) .


    husband ( plural: husbands )

    1. ( obsolete ) The master of a house; the head of a family; a householder .
    2. ( obsolete ) A tiller of the ground; a husbandman .
    3. ( archaic ) A prudent or frugal manager .
    4. A man in a marriage or marital relationship, especially in relation to his spouse .
    5. ( UK ) A manager of property; one who has the care of another's belongings, owndom, or interests; a steward; an economist .
    6. Large cushion with arms meant to support a person in the sitting position .
      While reading her book, Sally leaned back against her husband, wishing it were the human kind .
    7. ( UK dialectal ) A polled tree; a pollard .
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    • wife
    Derived terms

    Etymology 2

    From Middle English husbonden, from husbonde ( “master of a house” ). See above .


    husband ( third-person singular simple present husbands present participle husbanding, simple past and past participle husbanded )

    1. ( transitive ) To manage or administer carefully and frugally; use to the best advantage; economise .
      For my means, I'll husband them so well, / They shall go far. — Shakespeare .
    2. ( transitive ) To conserve.
    3. ( transitive, obsolete ) To till; cultivate; farm; nurture .
      Land so trim and rarely husbanded. — Evelyn .
    4. ( transitive ) To provide with a husband .
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    5. ( transitive ) To engage or act as a husband to; assume the care of or responsibility for; accept as one's own .
    Derived terms


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Explanation of husband by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. use cautiously and frugally

    1. a married man

    Definition of husband by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Husband n. [OE. hosebonde, husbonde, a husband, the master of the house or family, AS. hsbonda master of the house; hs house + bunda, bonda, householder, husband; prob. fr. Icel. hsbōndi house master, husband; hs house + bandi dwelling, inhabiting, p. pr. of ba to dwell; akin to AS. ban, Goth. bauan. See House Be, and cf. Bond a slave, Boor.]
      1. The male head of a household; one who orders the economy of a family. [Obs.]

      2. A cultivator; a tiller; a husbandman. [Obs.] Shak.

      The painful husband, plowing up his ground. Hakewill.

      He is the neatest husband for curious ordering his domestic and field accommodations. Evelyn.

      3. One who manages or directs with prudence and economy; a frugal person; an economist. [R.]

      God knows how little time is left me, and may I be a good husband, to improve the short remnant left me. Fuller.

      4. A married man; a man who has a wife; -- the correlative to wife.

      The husband and wife are one person in law. Blackstone.

      5. The male of a pair of animals. [R.] Dryden.

      A ship's husband ( Naut. ), an agent representing the owners of a ship, who manages its expenses and receipts.

    2. Husband, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Husbanded; p. pr. & vb. n. Husbanding.]
      1. To direct and manage with frugality; to use or employ to good purpose and the best advantage; to spend, apply, or use, with economy.

      For my means, I'll husband them so well,

      They shall go far. Shak.

      2. To cultivate, as land; to till. [R.]

      Land so trim and rarely husbanded. Evelyn.

      3. To furnish with a husband. [R.] Shak.