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Meaning of imitative by Wiktionary Dictionary



    imitative ( comparative more imitative, superlative most imitative )

    1. Imitating; copying; not original .
    2. Modelled after another thing .

Explanation of imitative by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. not genuine

    2. marked by or given to imitation

    3. acting is an imitative art
      man is an imitative being
    4. ( of words ) formed in imitation of a natural sound

    5. onomatopoeic words are imitative of noises

    Definition of imitative by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Imitative a. [L. imitavitus: cf. F. imitatif.]
      1. Inclined to imitate, copy, or follow; imitating; exhibiting some of the qualities or characteristics of a pattern or model; dependent on example; not original; as, “man is an imitative being; painting is an imitative art.”

      2. Formed after a model, pattern, or original.

      This temple, less in form, with equal grace,

      Was imitative of the first in Thrace. Dryden.

      3. ( Nat. Hist. ) Designed to imitate another species of animal, or a plant, or inanimate object, for some useful purpose, such as protection from enemies; having resemblance to something else; as, “imitative colors; imitative habits; dendritic and mammillary forms of minerals are imitative.”

      -- Imitatively, adv. -- Imitativeness, n.

    2. Imitative, n. ( Gram. ) A verb expressive of imitation or resemblance. [R.]