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Meaning of include by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Alternative forms


    ( 1420 ) From Latin includere ( “to shut in, enclose, insert” ), from in- ( “in” ) + claudere ( “to shut” ) .


    • Rhymes: -uːd
    • ( UK ) IPA: /ɪnˈkluːd/


    include ( third-person singular simple present includes present participle including, simple past and past participle included )

    1. To bring into a group, class, set, or total as a ( new ) part or member .
      I will purchase the vacation package if you will include car rental .
    2. To contain, as parts of a whole .
      The vacation package includes car rental .
    3. ( obsolete ) To enclose, confine. [from early 15th c.]


    Related terms


    include ( plural: includes )

    1. ( computing ) A piece of source code or other content that is dynamically retrieved for inclusion in another item.


Explanation of include by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. add as part of something else

    2. We must include this chemical element in the group
    3. consider as part of something

    4. I include you in the list of culprits
    5. allow participation in or the right to be part of

    6. have as a part, be made up out of

    7. The list includes the names of many famous writers