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Meaning of informal by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • Rhymes: -ɔː( r )məl


    informal ( comparative more informal, superlative most informal )

    1. Not formal or ceremonious; casual .
      an informal get-together
    2. Not in accord with the usual regulations; unofficial .
      an informal agreement
    3. Suited for everyday use .
      informal clothes
    4. ( of language ) Reflecting everyday, non-ceremonious usage .
    5. ( horticulture ) Not organized; not structured or planned .

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Explanation of informal by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. not formal

    2. conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress
      an informal free-and-easy manner
      an informal gathering of friends
    3. used of spoken and written language

    4. having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere

    5. a relaxed informal manner
    6. not officially recognized or controlled

    7. an informal agreement