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    Alternative forms


    From Middle English installen, from Medieval Latin installō ( “to install, put in place, establish” ), from in- + stallum ( “stall” ), of Germanic origin, from Frankish *stall ( “stall, position, place” ), from Proto-Germanic *stallaz ( “place, position” ), from Proto-Indo-European *stelǝ-, *stAlǝn-, *stAlǝm- ( “stem, trunk” ). Cognate with Old High German stal ( “location, stall” ), Old English steall ( “position, stall” ), Old English onstellan ( “to institute, create, originate, establish, give the example of” ), Middle High German anstalt ( “institute” ), German anstellen ( “to conduct, employ” ), German einstellen ( “to set, adjust, position” ), Dutch aanstellen ( “to appoint, commission, institute” ), Dutch instellen ( “to set up, establish” ). More at in, stall .


    Related terms


    install ( plural: installs )

    1. ( informal ) Installation. ( Usage originated as a truncated form of the word installation. )
    2. ( computing ) ( jargon ): A computer software utility that is run to install a software application. Also used as an adjective .
      After inserting the disk, you need to run the install .

Explanation of install by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. set up for use

    2. install the washer and dryer
    3. place

    4. put into an office or a position

    5. the new president was installed immediately after the election