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Meaning of intense by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Middle French intense, from Latin intensus ( “stretched tight” ), past participle of intendere ( “to stretch out” ), from in ( “in, upon, to” ) + tendere ( “to stretch” ) .


    • IPA: /ɪnˈtɛns/, X-SAMPA: /In"tEns/
    • Rhymes: -ɛns


    intense ( comparative intenser or more intense, superlative intensest or most intense )

    1. Strained; tightly drawn; kept on the stretch; strict; very close or earnest; as, intense study or application; intense thought .
    2. Extreme in degree; excessive; immoderate; as: ( a ) Ardent; fervent; as, intense heat. ( b ) Keen; biting; as, intense cold. ( c ) Vehement; earnest; exceedingly strong; as, intense passion or hate. ( d ) Very severe; violent; as, intense pain or anguish. ( e ) Deep; strong; brilliant; as, intense color or light .

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Explanation of intense by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. ( of color ) having the highest saturation

    2. intense blue
    3. extremely sharp or intense

    4. intense itching and burning
    5. possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree

    6. intense heat
      intense anxiety
      intense desire
      intense emotion
      the skunk's intense acrid odor
      intense pain
      enemy fire was intense