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    From Old French intervalle, from Latin intervallum ( “space between, interval, distance, interval of time, pause, difference; literally, space between two palisades or walls” ), from inter ( “between” ) + vallum ( “palisade, wall” ) .


    interval ( plural: intervals )

    1. A distance in space .
    2. A period of time .
    3. ( music ) The difference ( a ratio or logarithmic measure ) in pitch between two notes, often referring to those two pitches themselves ( otherwise known as a dyad ) .
    4. ( mathematics ) A connected section of the real line which may be empty or have a length of zero .
    5. ( 主にUK ) An intermission .
    6. ( sports ) half time, a scheduled intermission between the periods of play
    7. ( cricket ) Either of the two breaks, at lunch and tea, between the three sessions of a day's play


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Explanation of interval by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the distance between things

    2. a set containing all points ( or all real numbers ) between two given endpoints

    3. the difference in pitch between two notes

    4. a definite length of time marked off by two instants