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Meaning of irregular by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Old French irreguler, from Medieval Latin irregularis, from in- + regularis .


    • ( US ) IPA: /ɪˈrɛɡjəlɚ/, X-SAMPA: /I"rEgj@l@`/


    irregular ( comparative more irregular, superlative most irregular )

    1. Nonstandard; not conforming to rules or expectations .
    2. Of a surface, rough .


    • regular


    irregular ( plural: irregulars )

    1. A soldier who is not a member of an official military force and, often, does not follow regular army tactics .

Explanation of irregular by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. not occurring at expected times

    2. independent in behavior or thought

    3. she led a somewhat irregular private life
    4. not level or flat or symmetrical

    5. walking was difficult on the irregular cobblestoned surface
    6. lacking continuity or regularity

    7. an irregular worker
    8. deviating from normal expectations

    9. highly irregular behavior
    10. falling below the manufacturer's standard

    11. irregular jeans
    12. contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice

    13. irregular hiring practices
    14. ( of solids ) not having clear dimensions that can be measured

    15. ( used of the military ) not belonging to or engaged in by regular army forces

    16. irregular troops
      irregular warfare
    1. merchandise that has imperfections

    2. a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

    Definition of irregular by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Irregular a. [Pref. ir- not + regular: cf. F. irrégulier.] Not regular; not conforming to a law, method, or usage recognized as the general rule; not according to common form; not conformable to nature, to the rules of moral rectitude, or to established principles; not normal; unnatural; immethodical; unsymmetrical; erratic; no straight; not uniform; as, “an irregular line; an irregular figure; an irregular verse; an irregular physician; an irregular proceeding; irregular motion; irregular conduct, etc. Cf. Regular.”

      Mazes intricate,

      Eccentric, intervolved, yet regular

      Then most when most irregular they seem. Milton.

      Leading the men of Herefordshire to fight

      Against the irregular and wild Glendower. Shak.

      A flowery meadow through which a clear stream murmured in many irregular meanders. Jones.

      Syn. -- Immethodical; unsystematic; abnormal; unnatural; anomalous; erratic; devious; crooked; eccentric; unsettled; uneven; variable; changeable; mutable; desultory; disorderly; wild; immoderate; intemperate; inordinate; vicious.

    2. Irregular, n. One who is not regular; especially, a soldier not in regular service.