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Meaning of lean-to by Wiktionary Dictionary



    First attested 1461 .


    • enPR: lēnt′


    lean-to ( plural: lean-tos )

    1. A shelter with a sloped roof; also a building with a similar construction attached to the side of a building as an extension .
      “The only other alternative was to lodge her in the little modern lean-to, which I have already described as being tacked on to the side of the old building.”


Explanation of lean-to by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. rough shelter whose roof has only one slope

    Definition of lean-to by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Lean-to a. ( Arch. ) Having only one slope or pitch; -- said of a roof.

    2. Lean-to n.
      1. ( Arch. ) A shed or slight building placed against the wall of a larger structure and having a single-pitched roof; -- called also penthouse, and to-fall.

      The outer circuit was covered as a lean-to, all round this inner apartment. De Foe.

      2. A crude, usually temporary shelter comprising a lean-to roof braced against any convenient support, as a wall, a tree or a pole. The roof may extend all the way to the ground.