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Meaning of legally by Wiktionary Dictionary



    legal +‎ -ly


    legally ( comparative more legally, superlative most legally )

    1. As permitted by law; not contrary to law .
      You can legally park in the lot on weekends without paying the fee, they won't ticket you .
    2. From a legal perspective .
      Legally, I think you are covered, but there are angry guys with baseball bats outside .


    Usage notes

    • Adjectives to which "legally" is often applied: binding, required, responsible, bound, married, entitled, possible, protected, enforceable, authorized, obligated, valid, invalid, registered, qualified, permitted, defined, mandated, dead, insane, blind, correct, prescribed, obliged, defensible, separated, divorced, wrong, effective, armed, incorporated, impossible .

Explanation of legally by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. in a legal manner

    2. he acted legally
    3. by law

    Definition of legally by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Legally, adv. In a legal manner.