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Meaning of location by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Latin locatio ( “a placing” ), from locare ( “to place, put, set, let” ), from locus ( “a place” ) .


    • Rhymes: -eɪʃən


    location ( plural: locations )

    1. A particular point or place in physical space .
    2. An act of locating.


    • ( a place ): place

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Explanation of location by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a point or extent in space

    2. a determination of the place where something is

    3. the act of putting something in a certain place

    4. a workplace away from a studio at which some or all of a movie may be made

    5. they shot the film on location in Nevada

    Definition of location by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Location n. [L. locatio, fr. locare.]
      1. The act or process of locating.

      2. Situation; place; locality. Locke.

      3. That which is located; a tract of land designated in place. [U.S.]

      4. ( Law ) ( Civil Law ) A leasing on rent. ( Scots Law ) A contract for the use of a thing, or service of a person, for hire. Wharton. ( Amer. Law ) The marking out of the boundaries, or identifying the place or site of, a piece of land, according to the description given in an entry, plan, map, etc. Burrill. Bouvier.