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    From Latin mathēmatica ( “mathematics” ), from Ancient Greek μαθηματικός ( mathematikos, “fond of learning” ), from μάθημα ( máthema, “knowledge, study, learning” ) .


    • IPA: /mæθ( ə )ˈmætɨks/


    mathematics ( uncountable )

    1. An abstract representational system used in the study of numbers, shapes, structure and change and the relationships between these concepts.
    2. A person's ability to count, calculate, and use different systems of mathematics at differing levels .
      My mathematics is not very good .
      Their mathematics are not very good .
      Their mathematics is not very good .

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Explanation of mathematics by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a science ( or group of related sciences ) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement

    Definition of mathematics by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Mathematics n. [F. mathématiques, pl., L. mathematica, sing., Gr. ( sc. ) science. See Mathematic, and -ics.] That science, or class of sciences, which treats of the exact relations existing between quantities or magnitudes, and of the methods by which, in accordance with these relations, quantities sought are deducible from other quantities known or supposed; the science of spatial and quantitative relations.

      ☞ Mathematics embraces three departments, namely: 1. Arithmetic. 2. Geometry, including Trigonometry and Conic Sections. 3. Analysis, in which letters are used, including Algebra, Analytical Geometry, and Calculus. Each of these divisions is divided into pure or abstract, which considers magnitude or quantity abstractly, without relation to matter; and mixed or applied, which treats of magnitude as subsisting in material bodies, and is consequently interwoven with physical considerations.