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    1. 頭文字 of multiple endocrine neoplasia .


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    From men, plural of man .



    1. Persons who are experts in an area; e.g. horsemen, sportsmen .
    2. Persons who are employed or hold a position in an area; e.g lawmen, newsmen .
    3. Persons who have special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. freemen, icemen, supermen .
    4. In certain cases, persons who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Scotsmen, Chinamen .

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    1. the force of workers available

    Definition of men by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Men ( mĕn ), n., pl. of Man.

    2. Men, pron. [OE. me, men. “Not the plural of man, but a weakened form of the word man itself.” Skeat.] A man; one; -- used with a verb in the singular, and corresponding to the present indefinite one or they. [Obs.] Piers Plowman.

      Men moot give silver to the poure friars. Chaucer.

      A privy thief, men clepeth death. Chaucer.